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‘Running’ is really pretty easy, but ‘becoming a runner’ requires that you be stronger than your excuses. That you face your doubts. That you overcome the mental blocks that have prevented you from starting or succeeding.

I provide coaching, encouragement, and accountability for emerging and re-emerging athletes. 

I know that running is as much mental as it is physical. I’ll help you stay fit, both mentally and physically. 

Together, we’ll set appropriate goals, develop the plans to accomplish those goals and celebrate your accomplishments, big and small. 

There is no shortage of off-the-shelf training plans that will probably get you to the starting line. But with a coach and a personalized training plan, your plan will be yours. It will take into account your schedule, your personality, your desire (or not) of doing cross-training or speed work. Your plan will adjust as you go based on what is working, what isn’t, and how you are responding to training.


I’ve been running for 20 years. I love running, and I occasionally hate running. I’m always learning ways to mentally and physically improve.  

I know the common running wisdom and I know that some of it works, and some of it doesn’t. I also know that which stuff falls into which category varies by person.

I’m passionate about coaching and I often take more pride in my client’s successes than my own. 

I know everyone communicates and takes in and processes information in a unique style. Together, we will work together to find the right combination of information and feedback that will work best for you.  

A year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today.
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Who You Are

  • You want to start running, but you aren’t sure were to start, you keep getting injured, or you aren’t sure what to do next  
  • You have tried off the shelf plans and have had trouble sticking to it 
  • You are working towards a goal race and want support and tailored training advice
  •  You want (or need) regular check-ins for accountability and encouragement (or harassment for those motivated more by the stick than the carrot) 
  • You are overwhelmed (or not interested in) researching the hundred and thousands of blog posts, books, and training plans in search of what is best for you

Who I Am

I’m a runner, marathoner, ultramarathoner, and running blogger. I’ve done dozens of marathons and ultramarathons and more half marathons than I can count. I’m also an RRCA certified running coach and act as a coach and pacer for local running clubs and races.

I focus not only on what you need to do physically to accomplish your running goals, but what you need to do mentally, pushing past your preconceived ideas and self-imposed limits to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

What We Can Do Together

Whatever you want!

There are no unreasonable goals, only unrealistic timelines. If you want to go from couch to marathon, that is a doable goal, it just isn’t doable quickly.
Together we’ll discuss your goals, your motivations (to see a goal through it’s important to know why it’s important to you), and then we’ll develop a plan to get you there.  

Maybe it’s a simple plan to maintain your fitness, maybe it’s a year-long plan to get you from couch to marathon.

My Running And Coaching Philosophy

  • Define what success means for you and then go out and strive towards that success
  • Be your best, even when (especially when) you will never be the best
  • Focus on improving your life and your body, which may or may not involve how fast you are or how long you can (or want to) run
  • Figure out what motivates you
  • Ignore the goals or priorities that others say are important if they don’t inspire you
  • Have balance in life and in running
  • Look beyond finish time, age ranking, or the completion of a specific distance as the only indicators of worth
  • Celebrate every victory, however large or small
  • Have fun and enjoy running

I’m A Good Coach For You If You…

  • Want to start running, but you aren’t sure were to start, how to choose a race or create a training plan 
  • Are tired of your own excuses and of hearing yourself say, I’d love to run, but….
  • Want not only physical advice (how long and how fast you should run), but also mental and mindset advice (what you should think about and focus on)
  • Are overwhelmed (or not interested in) researching the hundreds and thousands of blog posts, books, training plans in search of what is best for you 
  •  Want (or need) regular check-ins for accountability, encouragement, and training advice tailored to you
  • Have tried off-the-shelf plans and can’t find one that is just right for your training preferences, lifestyle, schedule, or goals
  • Want to reach the start line with confidence, not regrets

I’m Probably NOT The Right Coach For You If You…

  • Aren’t willing to do the work. There is no magic to becoming a runner, but it does require you run 
  • Want a coach who will only tell you what you want to hear
  • Want a coach who will excuse your excuses. You need to be stronger than your excuses. “I would’ve run but…  …it was too hot …it was too cold …I had too much work” won’t fly.  Everyone is busy, you have to make the time
  • Are looking to BQ, do a triathlon, set some crazy ridiculous PR, want super-specific track workouts, or want to get super-scientific with detailed Lactate Threshold  or VO2 paces. While some of these measures can be useful depending on your goals, our focus is more on feel than pre-determined measures
  • Aren’t willing to communicate. If you hate  your training plan, I won’t know that unless you tell me. If you don’t understand the workout that you are supposed to do, let me know! I’m not psychic. Everything can be adjusted, but I have to know there is an issue before I can address it

What You Get


We'll discuss your running history, current fitness level, goals, and personality. Based on this discussion, we'll develop realistic short-term and long-term goals and a plan to make it happen

A Training Plan

I'll develop a personalized training plan with guidance/explanation for every workout. I'll adjust the training plan regularly based on your feedback, schedule, and how you are responding to training

A Personal Coach And Cheerleader

I'll provide feedback on your workouts and be available to answer your questions via email or text chat. We can also meet for regular or semi-regular Skype calls to check-in if you'd find it beneficial

All Online

Consultations, coaching, feedback, and your training plan all live online. No matter where you are, or where I am, we can still work together!

Mindset Advice

Running is not only physical, it's mental. I'll provide you with mental strategies for training, racing, and managing mental hurdles and blocks

Advice and Guidance

You got questions? I'm here to help: Injury prevention and pre-hab, long run/race day fueling, gear, strength work, foam rolling, core conditioning, just ask

Help Planning For Race Day

If your goals include racing, together we'll develop a race plan and strategy


I know, it’s the one question you really want the answer to:

What’s all of this going to cost me? 

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Most frequent questions and answers

No, no coach can do that. There are so many variables to running and to life.

We will work together to set challenging (but realistic) goals and develop a training plan so you can accomplish those goals.

I’ll give you information and tools to minimize the chances of injury and pre-hab exercises so you can stay healthy, but there is always a chance of injury or falling short of goals. 

Nope. Contrary to so many social media posts and supplement sales pitches, there are no quick fixes (Sorry!).  

My goal is to make you a stronger and fitter runner. If you put in the work, you will see results, but you will make those changes happen, not a magic pill or potion.   

Yes. While I will generally sketch-out a months long training plan (depending on your goal), that plan will change and evolve based on your runs, what is working for you and what isn’t.

If you feel like you aren’t keeping up with your plan, we’ll discuss why that is and I’ll modify your plan accordingly. 

I use the website Final Surge to house your training plan and for you to log your workouts.

Your workouts are uploaded (manually or via apps like Garmin or Strava). 

Final Surge is free for you to use and you can adjust the settings to get workouts emailed or texted to you depending on your preferences. 

However many months you want. If you only want to kick start your running, do a single month. If you are looking to do a marathon, that training usually takes 5+ months. I offer discounts for committing to longer terms, but the choice is yours.  
Allowing for cancelations is a very fine line. I don’t want to make you commit and purchase things you won’t or aren’t using, but I also don’t want to make it too easy to quit. I don’t offer refunds. However, if you become injured and can’t run, you can pause your coaching until you are able to run again.